Dedicated to Theatres and Culture Houses

Over the last few years, Tix has revolutionised the Scandinavian ticketing scene ​and we have now decided to bring our expertise to the UK, Benelux and Irish markets. ​Having been involved in the growing changes and different needs for our customers, we have developed a system that incorporates and has improved upon the mandatory features from existing ticketing systems in the marketplace.

Tix strive to offer high quality features presented in the most user friendly way, to help customers succeed with minimum effort. We do not promise things we can not deliver and we deliver what we promise, honesty and transparency is the most important thing building up a strong customer relationship.

Why you should consider us

  • Easy for your ticket buyers - move your sales online.
  • Commercially Attractive & Simple Pricing
  • Full control over your data, brand, communications.
  • Ultra usable, with stand out segmentation and communication tools, all included.
  • Cutting edge ticketing with built in Marketing tools.

Selected by leading culture houses in Scandinavia

We are selling millions of tickets for over 50 different culture houses and theaters in 6 countries. Since our launch in 2014, we have been the fastest growing supplier within our segment.

Modern and robust technology

Tix is 100% browser based, built and designed for internet use so you can start using Tix right away, no installation needed. Work from anywhere and enjoy the full functionality, regardless of the device or platform you are using.

Cloud hosting with Amazon Web Services

Cloud hosting with Amazon Web Services
Tix uses Amazon Web Services - the world's largest and most stable hosting solution. We can easily offer scalability when there is pressure on the systems, at no extra cost for you.

Amazon ensures full GDPR certification, data is monitored in a secure environment and complies with applicable certified standards (ISO 27001, 27017, 27018).

Do big sales with no fuss

For big sales, we use the industry leading platform Queue-it for virtual queuing online. Using Queue-it is built right into Tix.

APIs and Integration

Tix is built on an open technical platform and with a modern Restful API, so you can exchange all of your important data to other business systems according to the latest open standards and data formats.

Here are some examples that you can use our APIs for:

  • Live data for all purposes - your website is always updated with your event data without waiting time. Use Tix to provide descriptions and images for your productions.
  • Use Tix’s built in synchronisation to Facebook Product Catalog to automatically get all your events to display on your Facebook page as products. And Google and Facebook tracking to create campaigns - for example to get in touch with customers that showed interest but didn't buy - all directly from Tix.
  • Send your carefully selected customer segments directly to your email-tool (or send most of your mails directly from Tix).
  • Transfers daily/weekly/monthly sales data to your financial systems with sales, payments, settlement - automatically enriched with account codes, project numbers, VAT specification etc.
  • Update or enrich customer data in external systems and synchronise with your customers in TiX, for example for a loyalty programme statuses on customers.
  • Use a production system or venue planning software to synchronise events in both systems.

    Tix already has existing integration to many finance and marketing systems. This means we can set you up with your most important systems right away!