Access Control & API

Tix includes access control as an integrated part of the system. All scans are saved with a timestamp making it possible to go back and see who attended a certain event, when they came to the venue and who scanned their ticket.

With handheld wireless android based scanners with the dedicated Tix Scan application, requiring only a wifi og 4G connection.

Also check out our different standard APIs to integrate for CRM, ERP, Finance systems, websites and more

Scanning Dashboard

Simply use BoxOffice to monitor your scanning. Open the dedicated dashboard and monitor how many have entered so far. We even display the hall so you can see which seats have already have people in them.

You can also connect a scanner directly via USB and use your laptop as a scanning station.

Scan App

Tix Scan App for handheld devices comes in two (both free) versions. Use dedicated Android based hardware scanners with a built in barcode reader. Or download our app for iPhone og Android and use the phone's camera!

The system can automatically put the event up for scanning on pre set times, so just basically only need to log in and start scanning. All information are stored in the Tix system, so all scanning results are directly available in Boxoffice on each customer.


Our Point of Sale (POS) API enables order handling and purchases from external sources both online and for local use. For examplePOS terminals, self service kiosks our your own designed and developed online buying flow. 

The API delivers ticketing data in real time so you can show ticket types and prices for a chosen event. The system also delivers the seat map information so it is possible to build a custom seat picker. 

A session based shopping basket is available through the API, making it possible to items to the purchase.

Full API documentation:


Our Customer Relations Management (CRM) API makes it possible to export all customer and order data for further processing and analysis in external systems such as PowerBI or Mosaic. 

The API also allows for your customer data to be created and updated from external sources. So you can do things like loyalty status being controlled by an external system and reflected on the customer card in Tix. Use the API to update customer details, both customer data and customer tags, and permissions.

Order data (transaction data) can be exported via the API and contains item and order information. Data can be requested live and in intervals of the organisations own choosing.

Full API documentation:

Event API

The Event API is used to send data to the website or CMS system for your website. Use it to automacially put up events on your website and keep the calendar pages updated. The service includes event price ranges, description texts and genre groupings, sale status (sold out, cancelled etc), availability/capacity for each event.

For each event we deliver purchase links to our white label online buying flow, used on the “buy tickets” buttons on your pages on event pages. There is also links and information about associated products, so it is possible to display additional offers to customers on the event page.

Full API documentation:

Finance Export

Use our Finance Export to automatically register all sales in your finance system. Automatically place income and payments on different ledger codes such as cost center and project codes. you can set codes for each event, production, payment types, department. You can also configure your export file's structure and content directly in Tix.

In some places we can see that this alleviates the use for manual cashier reporting, since every sale can be delivered per user per day automatically. Many clients also use this to automate invoice orders, going from the Tix system directly to the finance system's invoice interface.

Production System

Tix partners with the system Yesplan to enable the creation of events in Tix from an external source. 

The planning system is typically the birthplace to planned event, before events are in the ticketing system, announced publicly and ticket sales have started. 

It is possible to send event data over to Tix for automatic creation and preparation for ticket sale. In the Tix system, events are finalised for sale by adding ticket system specific information such as hall info, allocations, ticket layouts and prices. 

The integration also gives the option to send back key figures on events, so that users of Yesplan can monitor attendance and ticket sales numbers from Tix.

More information about Yesplan: