21. May 2021

Welcome to Tix: Nordjyske Museer

We are happy to welcome new Danish client Nordjyske Museer to Tix!

Nordjyske Museer is the collected museum of 14 different venues and historical locations in the northern Jutland province of Denmark, ranging from viking settlements to a cold war underground bunker opening next year.

Here is what Helle Nørgaard, Head of Communications is saying about choosing Tix:

"In 2022 we will open our museum location number 14 in Northern Jutland – Cold War Museum REGAN Vest, that will become our largest attraction to date. And so, our requirements for a well functioning ticketing system has changed. We chose Tix as they can meet our requirements and because the user experience for us and our visitors is very simple and intuitive. We hope that we can develop new ticketing products together with Tix, for the benefit of both us and other clients."