6. August 2021

We welcome Guðrún to the Tix team!

It is with great pleasure we introduce our newest Tix team member, Guðrún Sara!

Guðrún graduated in computer science from Reykjavik University and is now studying graphic design from Iceland University of the Arts. She has experience in front-end development fromthe companies Kaktus Kreatives and Fraunhofer CESE, where she gained valuable experience, for example in user interface. Throughout her studies, she has placed great emphasis on experiential and interface design and has closely followed the rapidly growing interplay of art and technology.

Guðrún started working at Tix in July, she is located in Iceland and she will be focusing on graphic design for the tix ticketing system, both the back end as well as the front. We are very much looking forward to working with Guðrún and welcome her to our team!