14. December 2020

New Opportunities in Covid Times

As we all know these last months have been quite different than any of us could have imagined one year ago.

When asked how it is to be running a ticketing company during these times, one could assume the answer being negative and depressive, and of course it’s not an easy task to run a company with minimal revenue. BUT, there are always some opportunities in any crisis.

So what we decided to do was two things:

  1. Do what we can to help our customers during these unpredictable times.
  2. Expand to new markets.

First things first - we focused on making solutions for our customers to help them.

We made a mass refund solution so our customers can refund whole events with one click and the possibility to issue vouchers for customers in an easy way.
We made new features so our customers can now sell tickets with social distance algorithms.

Then the second thing - we decided to expand to new markets!

Why not making the most of the time we have and explore new markets? If this is not the perfect time for managers of culture & concert houses to explore their options with ticketing and marketing solutions, then what is?
In the beginning of August, we decided to go ahead and get in contact with ticketing people from many markets, did presentations of our solution and the reaction was beyond our expectations!

We found out that there is a big potential for us expanding to new markets and our ticketing system has exactly what people want: high quality, easy to learn, great flexibility and solutions that help people sell more tickets with less work.
Our pricing model is also different from most of our competitors, simple and predictable. We charge fee per sold ticket, no extra cost for anything.

After exploring our options there was no doubt in our minds, we were going to open in three new markets: The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. We have already hired our first staff members there and will soon be announcing our first customers in these new markets!

When covid-19 first popped up in Europe, not for a second did we think this would in the end mean something great for us. But, were we wrong and like stated in the beginning, any crisis offers some opportunities, you just have to find them and follow your instinct!