12. January 2022

Join Tix Ticketing at INTIX 2022

Join Tix Ticketing at INTIX 2022

Tix Ticketing is gearing up for INTIX in Orlando, FL and we have a lot of features, activities and fun giveaways to share. 

Get to Know The Future of Ticketing software and The Modern Box Office

We know that the future of ticketing encompasses more than the purchase of the ticket itself. Your customers want convenience, self-service and an enjoyable purchase experience, reflective of their event experiences. Point of sale now lives wherever your event promotions appear online, in social media posts, on blogs and at your other events. Your box office must be accessible the moment your patrons are inspired to make a purchase, whether in person, from a mobile device or online. Their ticketing experiences must be fluid and integrated, incorporating conveniences and transparency that enable them to more quickly and easily shop ticket packages that suit their needs. Likewise, your ticketing software must give your venue managers, event promoters and ticketing operations managers the tools they need, accessible whenever and wherever they need them. 

Visit us at Booth 217 to learn how we can serve you, just like we are serving our many customer venues and performing arts organizations across the US, UK, Europe and the Nordics on their journey to modern ticketing. See how our robust yet light-weight, cloud-based system eliminates clumsy installations and unnecessary integrations. Get to know why, in addition to our standard ticketing management features, Tix Ticketing offers the contemporary event promotions and content creation features that can help you quickly and easily create emailers and online content marketing campaigns, connected through high quality APIs to automatically update content across your sites, with the latest information and events. See how Tix Ticketing enables you to retain and discover valuable customer data and manage customers with contemporary CRM tools for segmenting into interest groups and create insightful sales reports to keep all event stakeholders informed.

You can find us by following the trail of Lego and perhaps walk away with a better ticketing solution and a special gift. 

We are proud to be presenting two talks at INTIX this year that will be helpful to you as a ticketing professional, both in your event operations and your professional development: 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

How Scandinavian Design Inspires the Future of Ticketing

Sindri Mar Finnbogason, Chief Executive Officer, Tix Ticketing

Room: Wekiwa 1/2

Brands like Lego, Ikea and Volvo are iconic, as much for their elegant simplicity as for their use of Scandinavian design principles. We will share how the future of ticketing reflects the same clean, sturdy, easy-to-implement design without sacrificing beauty and robust functionality. We will show how infusing Scandinavian design principles with Icelandic tenacity and problem-solving helps venues and performing arts organizations quickly modernise their box office and sites, make the ticketing and merchandising purchase journeys engaging, and how implementing integrated, contemporary promotions tools helps build audiences.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Attitude is Everything in 2022

Aren Murray, Board Member, INTIX; Business Development Manager, Tix Ticketing

Room: Wekiwa 3

We faced a lifetime of issues in the past two years. Those that faced these crushing pressures with positivity found a gentler path through the storm. A look at the impact of a positive attitude on the ability to face adversity in the work world. Discover how attitudes can be infectious and effect problem solving, team building, and personal advancement. Then discuss how to reform attitudes to create your desired work culture!

Three Key Learnings:

  • How attitude is infectious
  • Protecting yourself from attitude affecting stimulus
  • Creating positivity feeders