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9. September 2021

Feature showcase: 360 customer overview

DID YOU KNOW THAT TIX DOES A 360 degree of customer activity?

By clicking on the graph on the customer card in Tix (see image below), you are directed to more detailed 360 customer overview that shows the customer's activity and behaviour.

Example of what you can see at the 360 customer overview:

  • Customer activity (you can select it on Events, Segment, Tags etc).
  • Customer lifeline from two years back until today (activity shows in green/red line).
  • Active subscription, memberships.
  • Customer tags and permissions.
  • And of course statistics with revenue so that you can easily see if this is a customer that you need to take extra care of.

Get to know your customers even better using our 360 customer overview. A smart tool which provides you with a full overview of the history, behaviour and value of your customers. Tracking and displaying all customer activities, to allow you to build strong and personal customer relationships.

Are you curious if a certain customer has already bought a subscription for this season? The 360 customer overview will give you a quick overview of all active subscriptions and memberships. As well as given customer tags and permissions. It will also show you all segmentations the customer is part of.

Are you on the verge of losing a customer or are they more active than ever? Based on the customer activity a customer lifeline is created, an overview that gives you more insight in the behaviour of the customer. If the line is turning red you might want to target this customer with a special offer to keep them engaged. If a customer has deleted a lot of events, you might want to know if that all took place in a certain period, so you could analyse what might have happened. All this information is gathered in the 360 customer overview.

The statistics give you a clear overview of the spendings of your customers. Valuable information if you would like to do something special for your major donors for instance. Based on this information you might also want to tag your big spenders or membership lovers, so you can easily target them.  

In our opinion, generally, this overview gives you a full picture of the size and value of your customer.

Has this feature sparked your interest in Tix and would you like to know more about our system? You can book a free demo HERE!

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