16. June 2021

Success in subscription sales

DE SINGEL is an impressive architectural ensemble on the outskirts of Antwerp and is both a home for the contemporary, critical and interdisciplinary canon and a breeding ground for artistic creation, new trends and insights. In May they started selling their subscriptions for the new season 2021-2022 using our system.

DE SINGEL set 37 different subscriptions on sale which include 171 events. They also started general sales for 54 other events one week later. They had 2 peak sales days where around 60% of the total sales of the subscriptions were sold and over 90% of them were sold fully automated via the web. It was a great success and saved the employees at DE SINGEL a lot of work because until recently the box office employees had to process all of these sales manually which is incredibly labour intensive.

*On the picture above we show a screenshot from a demo customer setup.

Pierre Van Diest, administrative director at deSingel:

“Our experience regarding subscription sales is very positive. Tix has a very user friendly buying flow and is up to date with current needs. The sales went very smoothly, it was well prepared by everyone involved. Ticket buyers were able to use the features - which were also very new to them - without any issues and found it very easy to understand.Because of direct online sales the box office employees have more time to use for different tasks and make use of Tix as a marketing tool, as the days where systems are one-dimensional are mere relics of a bygone age.

Our general and artistic directors were very impressed with the dashboards that allowed them to follow the sales on peak days in real time.It is also very easy to use the app to see the sales numbers increase, which can be a bit “addictive” - but we loved it!

Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir, our head of support:

What you can gain out of selling subscriptions is getting the customer to commit earlier. By offering subscriptions you can offer the regular customers better prices and yourself better overview of the sales earlier on in the sales period, which gives you more predictability for the ticket sales.

You can also provide extra services, like better prices at the restaurant and hold specific seats for them each year, if that fits you. It gives you the opportunity to treat them as VIPs and strengthen your loyal customer base.

Our focus is on the culture segment and subscription sales are very big and important for our customers, especially in the Nordic countries, where we started our journey so this has been a priority for us since we started.

We provide great subscription/season cards/packages solution and have multiple options within that feature, such as same seats on all events in subscriptions, or flexible seating, pop up notification, buying flow, benefits giving extra discounts on other events, and many more.