10. August 2021

Welcome to Tix: Agora & NTK

The Agora Theater is located in the renovated city center of Lelystad. The building, designed by Ben van Berkel, is bright orange and therefore occupies a striking position. With 140 performances a year in the genres of theater, children's theater, dance, classical music, world music & jazz, cabaret and musical & show, it can be considered one of the larger theaters.
The large hall of the theater can accommodate 750 people.

The NTK is a well known company in Delft, the Netherlands, that is offering box office and website services for theatres. 

Stefan Stok, Director of NTK told us why they chose to work with us:

In recent years, the NTK (National Theater Box Office) has developed into the ticketing insourcing specialist of the Netherlands. The theaters we work with make measurable progress with their website, customer experience and ticket sales.

The Agora Theater Lelystad also wanted to be alleviated of the strain in its ticketing activities. Of course we know the market well and after the presentation of TIX, we opted for TIX in collaboration with the theater. The choice for TIX was made mainly because the system is efficient, clear, user-friendly and is incredibly stable for employees.

Together, we believe that by working with TIX, we have a solution with perfect possibilities to release faster and easier ticket sales for the visitors of Agora Theater in the future.

We at Tix are very happy and proud to have started our cooperation with Agora Theater and NTK and we look forward to working with them. We are certain our cooperation is going to reach all of our goals; to sell more tickets in a simpler way and offering their ticket buyers a great service with a user-friendly ticketing system & buying flow. We are grateful for the trust they already put in us!